Top Tips for Christmas

My 3 Top Tips for Christmas this year

Christmas is my favourite time of year, not just the day itself, but the build up to it.

People become more cheerful, the (always inaccurate) weather report that we’re going to have a White Christmas, the office parties, the boxes of celebrations, heroes and quality streets that magically appear in your house. The tree, the excitement on Christmas Eve, waking up to a Christmas stocking at the end of the bed, presents, family time, Christmas dinner, the booze, more food, Boxing Day leftovers then the New Year’s Eve parties which means more booze and more food! I love it all.

But if you look at this from an exercise and fitness point of view, your average calorie intake for the month is more than likely going to put you in a surplus meaning you’re going to gain fat.

So here are 3 top tips to be able to control your weight gain and not restrict your Christmas festivities!

1. Do More!

The fact is, fat can’t be gained if you are in a calorie deficit i.e. Consuming less calories than you burn.

By ‘doing more’ (walking an extra 30 minutes per day, cycling for an hour etc) you will be burning more calories throughout the day than you normally would, therefore your average calorie intake would be lower over the month.

This means that you could maintain your current weight and could even lose weight.

Doing more obviously means that you will have to find an extra hour or so during the day for activities, which isn’t for everyone due to work, childcare and/or other circumstances, but if you can, its a great way to control your weight over the festive season.

2. Muscle Building.

Often called a bulk, this style of training allows for a calorie surplus i.e. More calories consumed than you burn. By training with heavy weights and low reps, the extra calories consumed allow your body to build muscle over a period of time. It must be noted that you WILL gain some fat with this style of training.

However after your muscle building phase, you can transition effortlessly into a fat loss phase of training so by the time summer comes around you’re completely shredded and turning heads on the beach.

3. F**k it, its Christmas!

This last tip is for those that want to just enjoy Christmas, warts and all. I’m a true believer in enjoying yourself, that’s why in these tips there are no restrictions. Christmas is a time for enjoyment and celebration.

Carry on with whatever your current programme is. Eat what you want. Drink what you want. When Christmas is over, lower your calories to what the were a month before and start again!


Stay tuned for my next blog, it’ll include a free Christmas Workout!

As ever, if you have any questions, or want Personal Training, Just ask.

Much love, JF

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December 5th, 2016 by Jack Foster
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