I got in contact with Jack to help me with my training as I had a lot of good reviews about his work. I asked if he could help me in a specific sport to achieve further goals of representing my country at a European Championship. When I got in contact I had already been selected but I was finding the training difficult and I was also struggling with assessments. There were certain requirements that I had to meet such as lifting certain weights and also on the cardiovascular side of things. I told him what I had to reach and my goal times in which I had to reach it by. We did a wide range of exercises inside and outdoors as well as high quality training he also gave me a lot of stretches and tips that will help me in the future. Not only did I reach my goals but surpassed mine and the coaches' expectations and I was thoroughly impressed of the work Jack did with me, he made every session hard but very enjoyable. With Jack's amazing training and support I was able to win 3 Golds and 3 Bronze medals and I also became the vice-captain of the team. I could not recommend a better personal trainer he's honestly done so much for me and the others he has worked with.

- Josh Stroud (Hillingdon)

I've worked with Jack over multiple months, both in the gym and the outdoors. He's not only taught me a huge amount about health, fitness and activities, but also which exercises are beneficial for me and given me constant suggestions and diet advice! Jack designed me a perfect programme and I've been delighted with the results, the diversity of activities and his adaptability to work out environment. Overall, I'd highly recommend Jack!

- Dannielle Croucher (Twickenham)

I was training with Jack Foster for about 2 years and believe he is one of the most dedicated and committed Personal Trainers out there. I started training a couple of times a week and really enjoyed the challenges he would set me and how motivational he was towards me and my goals. Jack focused on helping me achieve my goals in a way I had never been shown before. He made each session challenging yet fun and it made me really enjoy what I was doing in a fun yet practical manner. My fitness had increased tremendously over the time I spent with Jack and I was able to progressively lift heavier weights that I thought I would not be able to achieve when I first started. I found myself looking forward to my sessions with Jack as I was able to see a noticeable difference in everything we did in previous sessions. He ensured that my technique was always correct to avoid any injuries and was extremely reliable and punctual. He was always set up and ready to start ahead of time with an excellent routine planned. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jack and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated trainer.

- Michael Behan (Feltham)