I have had a passion for health and fitness from a young age, competing at a high level for Gymnastics, Trampolining, and Rugby. I thrive helping other people reach and exceed their goals.

I started training in the gym at 17 years old. Originally wanting to put on a bit of muscle for rugby, I quickly learned that there is more to just being big and strong on the rugby field, you must be fit too! Along with the traditional weightlifting and cardio, I started to introduce different aspects of training to improve my rugby fitness. Since then, my passion developed from wanting to look good and to be able to perform better at rugby, to wanting to help others reach their fitness goals too. I achieved my Fitness Instructor Level 2 at Strode's College in Egham, Surrey when I was 18 which allowed me to work in my first gym. Here I was able to reach out to different people every day, learning more each consultation. Nearly 2 years later I felt it was time for the next step. It was now time to learn how to become a great Personal Trainer.

I decided to do my Personal Trainer course at St. Mary's University in Twickenham in June 2016. I had done a lot of research on the different companies that delivered the course and this one looked the most appealing. It also helped to decide as I had also completed my Nutrition and Sports Nutrition qualification at St. Mary's University and I knew the level of professionalism I was expecting. The course didn't just teach me how to coach or teach, the course lecturer, Paul Russell, taught us how to be compassionate, to understand that it's not always correct to jump straight to the difficult stuff that makes you sweat buckets. Each client is an individual, even if their goal is the same as another.


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Extended BTEC in Sport Level 3
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 4 Sports Nutrition
  • Level 4 Nutrition
  • Kettlebell Fundamentals CPD
  • Functional Movement

Since passing my qualification, I created Jack Foster Fitness, specialising in Fat Loss and Body Transformations. I have helped many different clients, some with the same goal, some with completely different goals. Enquire now if you are willing to make a change...