So the Rio Paralympics starts Wednesday 7th September on Channel 4 and I cannot wait. In fact I prefer it to the Olympics!

Don’t get me wrong, the Olympics is incredible, a bunch of athletes from around the globe, they’re in peak physical and mental condition, battling it out to be crowned the Olympic Champion.

However, I feel that the Paralympians have had to endure a lot more. The physical and mental disabilities they have overcome, the life changing events they have endured, to only come out stronger as an athlete and as a person, in my mind is incredible.

I also think to be able to sprint and swim faster, throw further or jump higher than the average “able bodied” person and to not be that far of the Olympians times and distances is amazing! I love the contrast between the delicate diving, powerful gymnastics to the absolute brutality of wheelchair rugby.

I urge you all to watch as much as you can next week, it’s exciting, emotional, exhilarating and I feel that they can be over shadowed by the Olympics and somewhat underrated as athletes.

Hopefully Team GB Paralympians can follow on from the success from the Team GB Olympians and hopefully the Rio Paralympics can be as successful as the London 2012 which was reportedly the most successful Paralympics ever!

Watch it, love it and most of all, appreciate what you have and don’t take it for granted!

Much Love, JF

September 1st, 2016 by Jack Foster
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