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So the first month of 2017 has now been and gone. Dry January is now over, hopefully you are all recovered financially from Christmas and you have managed to get back into your former routine. One thing I have noticed however, is that the gym is less busy at the ‘peak times’ than it was a few weeks ago. Some of the people that made the decision to join a gym and get fit in the new year have already started to miss days at the gym, with the intention of going tomorrow, which ultimately never arrives.

Now I understand that life does get in the way and prevents you doing the things you’d like to do. However, other and more likely reasons include not seeing results as quickly as you thought you would, joining a new gym and not being inducted properly and therefore having no idea how to use equipment, you might be slightly intimidated from other gym users or it could be lack of motivation and/or guidance.

Now there are many more reasons why, but after speaking to several people over the last week and a half, these seem the biggest reasons for not exercising at the gym.

So here are a couple of suggestions for getting back in the gym and smashing it.

1\ Re-evaluate your goals and make sure they are REALISTIC. This is the biggest reason why people fail! They want to get to a certain body fat percentage, get a six pack or look like Arnie in 8 weeks, but fail to look at their starting position first.

2\ Book an induction with a trainer at your gym. Admit that you don’t really know what you’re doing in the gym, get shown round and get used to using the equipment. Most inductions include a programme to follow for 4-6 weeks, this will help you towards your goal and get you comfortable and confident using equipment.

3\ Consider hiring a personal trainer. Yes you have to pay extra money, but remember, if they weren’t qualified, they wouldn’t be working at your gym. If you look for a private trainer, shop around, look for what suits you, qualifications, experience and avoid paying for the cheapest personal trainer as you will usually be paying for a cheap service. Remember, it is an investment in your health and a good trainer will help you with the above issues and more.

Consistency is the key to success. Keep going and I promise you will reach your goal!

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Much Love, JF

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February 1st, 2017 by Jack Foster
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