Falling off The Wagon

We all ‘fall off the wagon’ from time to time, it’s a completely normal thing to happen. It could last just a day, a weekend, a week, maybe even a month or more.

You step on the scales after a weekend of eating pizza, burgers and chocolate, only to see a number on the scales that you haven’t seen in a few weeks and you have this sense of guilt and frustration, I certainly have.

But don’t panic!

What’s important, is to not punish yourself when you decide to stop binge eating. You DON’T need to spend an extra hour in the gym than you normally do. You DON’T need to cut out an extra 500 calories per day. You DON’T need to cut out all carbs from your diet.

What you DO need to do is accept that you fell off and go back to your routine before you decided to gorge on 18 pizzas, 49 mini rolls and 5L of coke. The likelihood is, if you binged for only one or two days, it is highly unlikely you’ve gained any fat, so please, like I said, don’t punish yourself, within a couple of days of eating your regular diet, your weight will go back to what it was before.

You may, however, need to look at WHY you fell off in the first place. Is your diet right for you? Are you stressed? Are you eating too little? (more on this on the next blog).

So in conclusion, don’t beat yourselves up if you’ve had a bad day, weekend or more. Reset, continue as normal and as long as you’re consistent, you will see results.

As always, any questions, please just ask!

Much Love,


November 21st, 2016 by Jack Foster
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